D-bops return!

Expect kid-favourite trio to arrive in 'rockstar' style

Date: March 17th, 2006

Doodlemania strikes again. After sparking a mini mob scene at Polo Park mall last November, preschool superstars The Doodlebops roll into town for two one-hour shows at Pantages Playhouse Theatre Sunday.

And this time, the cartoonish trio are travelling in style, with a sweet new ride packed with sets and concert gear for a 16-city tour.

"It's a rockstar Doodle bus," perky pink singer-keyboardist Deedee Doodle (Lisa J. Lennox) chirps during a slightly awkward in-character phone chat from Toronto.

"We're so excited it's like real rock stars."

Except of course the Doodles -- Deedee and brothers Moe and Rooney -- won't be trashing hotel rooms or demanding Jagermeister and blue jellybeans backstage.

Inspired by made-for-TV act The Monkees, with a bit of a Beatles vibe, the Doodles are big on boy-band dance moves, broad comedy and the kind of life lessons you expect from a hit pre-school TV show: It's fun to share, play fair, try new things and be considerate of other people who are bathed head-to-toe in primary colours.

Put the Doodles in a hotel room and blue inventor Rooney (Chad McNamara) might turn his Cleanerupper Machine loose; when it comes to libations, Deedee says her favourite is milk -- or pink juice, some days she can't decide -- and she swears her favourite food is cauliflower, although ice cream is a close second.

Given that Moe (Jonathan Wexler) is orange, it might have occurred to fans that at least one Doodle is adopted, but Deedee says that's just makeup, silly.

The Doodles, who are never seen out of character, don't live with their parents -- they left home to start their groovy career. And while they don't have official ages, they are all young at heart.

So are fans of their CBC-TV show. Expect overflow stroller parking and loud sing-alongs with dance tune Wobbly Whoopsie and anthem We're The Doodlebops -- hey, kids, remind mom and dad to look for a CD at the merch table.

"We hit everything. We've got some country, a little hip-hop, some pre-school," Deedee says, adding the band tends to bring it, unlike TV pals Dora the Explorer and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

"We're a little more urban, a little more now."

After their Canadian tour, the trio head back to the studio to tape a third season, then fly south for a seven-month tour of the U.S., where The Doodlebops is a hit on the Playhouse Disney Channel. A spokesman said yesterday a few tickets are still available for Sunday's shows. Tickets cost $22.50 and $27.50 at Ticketmaster.

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