Doodlebops band becoming a pop phenomenon for the rugrat crowd

Date: October 25, 2005

TORONTO (CP) - Too old for Barney. Way too young for Kiss.

How about a rock band for preschoolers with outrageous costumes and candy-coloured makeup but also kid-friendly messages? The musical trio known as the Doodlebops, having launched a successful made-in-Toronto TV series that airs on CBC and the Disney Channel in the U.S., is currently on a tour of Canadian shopping mall food courts.

This week their musical CD, called Get on the Bus, and two DVDs are being released by Universal Music Canada.

And, starting in early 2006, there are plans for a national live performance tour with the two-to seven-year-old crowd in mind, plus the launch of a Mattel toy line next summer.

The trio consists of the ultra-colourful siblings Rooney, Moe and Deedee Doodle, who not only perform as a band but deliver positive messages about teamwork, good behaviour and being reliable.

"I've tried to sum up the rock-roll experience for preschoolers by taking everything that's fun and playful and exciting about flower power, disco and glam rock and focusing on all that's good and wholesome in it," says Jamie Waese, producer, director and one of the writers for the TV series.

Produced by Toronto's Cookie Jar Entertainment, the show is reported to be the highest rated weekend show on the Disney Channel for kids aged two to five.

Season 2 of the TV show debuts on CBC Dec. 12.

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