Doodlebops are Tops

Date: March 15, 2006



Colourful singing, dancing trio have preschoolers entranced and they appeal to parents, too Popular CBC Television entertainers head out on cross-Canada tour

They are more colourful than a bin full of Smarties able to lure 4-year-olds off the couch in a single song. And for parents in earshot of morning television, they pack more punch than a jolt of extra-strong java.

Meet the Doodlebops, the biggest singing, dancing, rock 'n' roll sensation for the preschooler set since the Australian group The Wiggles made the leap to the North American market in the late 1990s.

The Doodlebops head out this Saturday for a Canadian concert tour that touches down in Toronto for two performances on April 8.

Since launching on CBC Television a year ago, this psychedelic trio has made its mark in the kiddie entertainment world.

At West Edmonton Mall in November, they drew crowds rivalling earlier shows by hip-hop band Black Eyed Peas and Canadian Idol's Kalan Porter. Their two DVDs have gone double platinum. Their CD is a top-selling kids' album in Canada. Currently amid their second season on CBC, they are among the highest-rated shows in the 2 to 5 age group, airing weekday mornings at 10 a.m.

And in the fall, they'll dance and sing their way through the United States, where they are about to launch their second season on the Disney Channel. There are also plans to air on Disney in the United Kingdom.

The three Doodlebop members seem to be taking it all in stride. "It's just fun to be doing what we love to do every day," Rooney Doodle told the Star.

In case you don't know, Rooney's the blue one. He plays the guitar and loves apple juice and asks a