Lyrics - Tap Tap Tap

Deedee: Hey everybody have you heard the news
I've got a brand new pair of dancing shoes
It's all the rage and it's where it's at
You go
All: tap tap tap

Deedee: Come on everybody,
come and dance with me
Feet start to tapping and you feel so free
Tip tap tippity tap, 1-2-3
All: tap tap tap

Deedee: Tip tap, you should see me fly
When my feet start tapping
I can touch the sky
I feel so good; tapping this and that
Tippity tap dancing is where it's at

Deedee: Hey hey
everybody are you ready now (right now)
Feet so fast you're going to wonder how (how how)
Dancing high and I'm dancing low
Just me and Moe

Deedee & Rooney: Hit it Moe!
(Drum & Tap Break)

Deedee: Well how about that
You want to give it a try
Let yourself go and let your feet fly
It's all the rage, it's where it's at
Everybody go tap tap tap

Deedee: Now you're hip and you know the news (the news)
About my brand new pair of dancing shoes (the shows)
Join me now and let's have some fun
Go tap tap tap

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