July 2006

The CBC kids website has a brand new Doodlebops game called "The Doodlephone." It lets you make your own tune along with a Doodlebop song. Check it out here.

The Doodlebops official site (www.doodlebops.com) has been updated with some pretty awesome things! Check out their new clubhouse games, a scrapbook, and let's not forget The Doodlebops "Let's Get Loud" and "Tick Tock" music videos!

New Doodlebops shirts are available at CBC's store, as well as Ty's Toy Box. Also, the Doodlebear that was sold during their Live Canadian Tour is also available! Check these items out in the clothing & toy section at Together Forever's store!

Get on Your Feet Week - It's going to be a week of new Doodlebop episodes for the U.S.A! From July 24th - July 28th catch these on Playhouse Disney! Check your local listings for times.

Monday: Flat-itis
Tuesday: Later Alligator
Wednesday: Fair Share
Thursday: Space Invaders
Friday: Show and Tell

June 2006

June 2006

I had an exclusive interview with Rooney for updates on Season 3 of the Doodlebops!

"It was a lot of hard work and long hours, but the studio was great. All the music and dances are finished, said Rooney.

Alongside with their great choreographer, the Doodles have a variety of different styles of dance this season. Some of the styles include: Swing, Latin and Zydeco. They're going to be really focused on kids dancing with them.

Shooting starts June 19th and continues throughout the summer.

They are also looking forward to the Walt Disney World concerts in Orlando, Florida.

The Doodlebops will be performing again this year for Kidsummer!

Deedee, Rooney and Moe will perform a 15 minute show including songs from their hit show on Kids' CBC.

Date: July 5th
Time: 12:30pm
Place: Canadian Broadcast Centre, 250 Front St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This event is free admission and registration is not required.

Two new Doodlebops DVDs and CD will be released on August 1st, 2006. You can pre-order them now!
Pre-order DVDs:


Doodlebops: Rock & Bop
Doodlebops: Dance & Hop
Price: CDN$ 11.66
4 Episodes
Direct-Play DVD
4 Sing-Alongs
3 Music Videos
Knock-Knock Jokes


Doodlebops: Rock & Bop
Doodlebops: Dance & Hop
Price: $ 9.99 | CDN $14.99
4 Episodes
Direct-Play DVD
4 Sing-Alongs
3 Music Videos
Knock-Knock Jokes
Pre-order CDTrack List

Title: Rock & Bop with The Doodlebops
Price: $12.98
1. We're The Doodlebops 2. The Pledge
3. Wobbly Whoopsy
4. Look in a Book
5. I Want to Be Bigger
6. Get On The Bus
7. Hey Moe
8. The Bird Song
9. Count to Ten
10. Queen for a Day
11. Getting Along
12. Gibble Gobble
13. My Friend
14. Write A Letter
15. Tap Tap Tap
16. Faces
17. When the Lights
18. Cauliflower
19. Keep Trying
20. Together Forever
21. Thank You

May 2006

Together Forever is happy to bring you some awesome news! The Doodles made an appearance in New York City this past Saturday, May 20th, for the 13th Annual Kids for Kids Celebrity Carnival to Benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Now, ready for this?! The Doodlebops broke the guiness world record for holding the biggest music lesson!! Yes, they taught over 600 kids how to play the pledge on the kazoo. Pictures from this event are up in the gallery, click here to view them.

The Doodlebops are also in the May 22nd issue of USA Today.
Click here to see the article.

The Doodlebops will be performing at Walt Disney World August 20th - 23rd, 2006. For more details, please check out the live section.

March 2006

Great news for all of the amercians....The Doodlebops will begin touring the U.S. this fall!! Starting in late September/early October, they plan on visiting every mainland state and play in each major city. This tour will be 7 months (35 weeks) long, but of course they will have breaks here and there. It will mostly be like the Canadian concerts they are currently doing, which consits of songs from Season One and Season Two....little acts, but mostly singing....and each concert will be 1 hour and 20 minutes long, included in that is a 15-minute intermission where you can go and check out all the doodle goodies at the merch. table! More information will be posted when released.

The Doodlebops will be making a single appearance on April12th 2006 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This appearance will be at 12:30 after the Ringling Brother's and Barnum and Bailey Circus; which begins at 10:30. The Doodlebops will have a 15 minute post circus performance for one show only before returning to their homeland of Canada. - Thanks dontpulltherope.com!

Season Three of The Doodlebops is now in pre-production and the tapings for season three concert scenes will be done sometime in August. At this time there are no major changes planned for season three. - Thanks dontpulltherope.com!


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